Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hello wonderful people! Longest time ... It's such a pity have not been able to update you guys like I used to :(  But I would try to re-adjust my schedule and create more time to blog .
So many things have happened recently, most importantly, my status has changed !as am now a Dr Mrs! Am yet to get all the soft copies of photographs from both the white and the traditional marriage . I can't wait to share those luvly pctures with you guys :)
One of my followers on instagram FATUMAHASHA who is a fashion designer in Uganda designed this dress.However, I had to send her my measuremements and the picture of what I wanted ! The dress fits like a glove. The dress is so versatile , it could pass for a bridal shower dress, birthday dress, a dinner dress,and so on !

I got the clutch purse and the shoes for my wedding , they are so comfy and versatile . The clutch purse is from an outlet store in Lagos , while the shoes are from ALIEXPRESS! Got them cos' of the comfortable heels , about 6cm, its so easy to dance on ,unlike the first stilleto heels I got from OFFICE ,a store in the UK,that one was 11cm without platforms ! I wanted something comfy, so I wore this instead.
What do you cuties think about the dress? leave your comments down below.


  1. I say , you looked really looked amazing dear in your out fit..., And to the fashion designer she always on top when it comes to her clients always delivering the best,she is the best so far in East Africa.We love you@FatumahAsha

    1. Awwwwn thank you Hun. Fatumasha is also kind, with exquisite customer relations 😘

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