Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hello cuties ,so this particular outfit was worn on Sunday, I decided to share it today :) If you guys have noticed have been obsessed with peplums lately and am loving it .. I think one thing I love about peplums is the fact that it enhances the curves and it's just cute,pairing it with this pencil skirt is everything .I love the slit detail on the skirt , I got the skirt from ASOS ,the fabric is beautiful and it has this wet-look. I added the blue to the outfit to give it a flamboyant look! I would insert the link to the peplum top down below :) see you luvies next time ,don't forget to follow and drop your comments down below . Bxoxo

 Fashion Quotes ; '
you can never be overdressed or overeducated'
peplum top ; eBay
Pencil skirt ;ASOS
Blue Pumps : eBay
Hand Bag ; Outlet store here in Ukraine
Belt ; Primark

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hello fashionable ones,quite a while :) how you guys doing... have resumed back to school we have not started getting all that busy cos' it's the first week .I hope you guys are enjoying fall anyway lol it has been raining here since the beginning of the week have never been caught up in it luckily for me :) so this outfit is featuring a long skirt, my favorite crop top and a red blazer,I wore it last weekend and have been getting so much positive comments about the outfit so I would insert the links to the basic piece down below. I got the blazer from Primark last winter I guess they should still have it or you can actually get one on eBay or Ali express. The maxi Skirt is from eBay, it came pretty fast and it's affordable. Still carrying my bun :) see you guys next time and don't forget to follow and leave your comments down below . Bxoxo

 Fashion Quote of the day ; Only great minds can afford a simple style
Red blazer ; Primark
Black Croptop ; ASOS
Gold Statement belt eBay ;
Maxi Skirt  ; eBay >