Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Hey luvies it's been a while . Today's outfit is featuring a very simple but classy outfit. Basically a denim skirt and a turtleneck top. Got the skirt from an outlet store here in Lviv I don't think the brand is a popular one as it was my first time shopping with them .Actually I have been longing to have a denim skirt , in short I love anything denim :) cos' styling them usually poses no effort , In fact denim emerges as one of a few fashion pieces that is so versatile. I noticed that it elongates my figure I think its cos' it above my knee, Pairing that skirt with my turtleneck top is basically beautiful. Moreover have had that top for over 3years now and it's obviously still working lol . I decided to add that red clutch to give the outfit a statement! That neck piece was improvised from a belt that came with one of my skirts I got a while ago *lip sealed* I got that hair from ALI EXPRESS ! I got it cos' I realize it has the same curls with my favorite PRO 10 weave curls ,and I can actually remove it any time  I want cos' it's glueless :). what do you guys think about the outfit?? kindly leave your comments down below . See you next time ;)