Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Good day my beautiful readers! Happy new month! The year is gradually coming to an end! Whoop whoop! December is just around the corner. May the lord see us through (Amen)

 Today's outfit is featuring a peplum top and a short, made from an African print fabric, a renowned fashion item that has stood the test of time. It is traditionally known as Ankara here in Nigeria.

 Ankara comes in different patterns and designs. The fabric comes in 6 yard pieces, which is enough to make any style you want, which is good news. If you are yet to incorporate a nicely designed Ankara fashion item into your wardrobe kindly do so, cos" it's a must have.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hello wonderful people! Longest time ... It's such a pity have not been able to update you guys like I used to :(  But I would try to re-adjust my schedule and create more time to blog .
So many things have happened recently, most importantly, my status has changed !as am now a Dr Mrs! Am yet to get all the soft copies of photographs from both the white and the traditional marriage . I can't wait to share those luvly pctures with you guys :)
One of my followers on instagram FATUMAHASHA who is a fashion designer in Uganda designed this dress.However, I had to send her my measuremements and the picture of what I wanted ! The dress fits like a glove. The dress is so versatile , it could pass for a bridal shower dress, birthday dress, a dinner dress,and so on !

Monday, June 13, 2016


Hello wonderful people ! Longest time! I have not been here for about a year now, so many things have happened , cant wait to update you luvies . Stay tuned!!
 Todays" outfit is from  yellowmango , a store I discovered on instagram , actually on saleS right now , you could buy a dress for as low as 4000 Naira .The store is based in Lagos,it  has different varieties of fashion pieces surpassing the level of "common sense" which made me heart them so much .hahaahah. Am so excited to collaborate with them . I will insert their store address down below , for those who live in Lagos, and might want to check them out .YELLOWMANGO also offers nationwide delivery ,that's good news for those who are not residents of Lagos. I actually got my items delivered to my town in Ondo State.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy New year my dear readers! Since you 're probably just recovering from the excitement of making it into the new year ;) Hope you guys have made your resolutions? Am yet to make mine tho. With the arrival of each new year comes the arrival of new intentions ,new goals and new desires .....The new year has officially begun!
Today's outfit is featuring a denim and a brown leather skirt. I like to find new places to shop and most importantly ,designs that are unique and standard. I stumbled on DEKYLIASBOUTIQUE  on instagaram . I was excited with their items, moreover they ship worldwide . I went through their items and I fell in love with this particular leather skirt and one other item I would feature in my next post,my order got to Nigeria in no time.I decided to pair it with a denim shirt, in fact I love the cut out detail on the denim, it gives people this kind of illusion making them think if it's actually cropped out or whether it's leather  lol. Luckily for me have got the same shade of brown stilleto heels as the skirt,I got the shoes as a gift.Actually from Zara last summer collection .
The weather in Nigeria is favourable although quite hot unlike Ukraine ,Even though I still jump out during winter when the temperature is negative...I still manage to take few shots in the cold ,sacrifices  we do all for fashion hhahhahah . The festive period has been helpful. I stay in the Doctors Quaters and have made new friends including the photographer that snapped the pictures,who is also a colleague. The pictures were even taken in the hospital environment *lip sealed* who says you can't kill it anywhere anytime.. lol Before I bore you cuties out yeah see you next time . BucandyXOXO.


Monday, December 8, 2014


Hey people! hope y'all are doing great? I have been busy with my intershipship in Nigeria for a while now.
Today's post is about another fashionista, She's a very good friend of mine , I call her my school daughter lol and of cos' we go way back . She is presently in her 5th year course of study.
When she told me about opening a blog, I supported her and I told her it is a good idea and I'm glad she finally opened one.
Her name is Ogunyemi Oluwabukola of  Www.pretty-faze.blogspot.com
I miss her and I hope to see her soon .Here are some of her pictures down below.
What do you guys think about her style? leave your comments down below . XOXO

Model of life she would make a beautiful bride

Love this look

Makeup on point she's good with makeup 


Me and my daughter

Please guys show my daughter some love
Follow her on Instagram @Prettyfaze

Friday, October 31, 2014


Hey luvies hope you guys had a beautiful weekend? Have been MIA for a while now!Basically cos' have been trying to pass one of my professional exams which was a success and my relocation back to Nigeria... It has not been easy fitting back to the system coming back after 6years;) Guess what ?????.... Am now a registered member of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria!! whoop whoop whoop!You can now call me Dr Bucandy hahahahah Would share pictures with you luvies soon . Moreover have not even shared my graduation pictures here, would probably combine the post . This particular dress was sent few months ago ,but I didn't even have the time to wear it. Moreover I had to look for the perfect scenery to take the pictures . I took the pictures in a golf course lol . Vicifashion has a whole lot to offer including everyday fashion pieces .This particular dress is versatile ;) You could wear it to a dinner , as a brides maid, as a dress for a pre-wedding photo shoot .... The exciting thing is that Vicifashion ships worldwide and definitely reliable ,in fact it took less than 5 working days to get to Nigeria .I 'd insert their site link and instagram down below!!See you next time.Do have a terrific weekend!
VICIFASHION EBAY                 Vicifashion eBay

Saturday, June 14, 2014


... The long awaited blog post is finally here which I got lot of questions about the outfit details and am so excited to share with you coolies!! The way the picture(outfit) went viral was just wow! I took the picture just after one of my major exams . I was so stressed...stopped blogging then deciding to come back with a bang! I couldn't have conceived any better idea than involving green with white and black stripes! I have done it before and it was great ... The outfit was my first feature on 'FASHION CLIMAXX" have always wanted to be featured there. Eventually I got featured fashion climaxx is an international fashion Social Network site which connects Lifestyle , fashion and Beauty.
Moreover, that skirt is a statement skirt making it a must have for the season .I got mine from ALIEXPRESS' but it's also available on CHOIES so it's easy to come by.
Actually I was a cooler,sexier,edgier version of me! The high bun(hair style) seemed to draw attention to my eyes and cheekbones adding more "chic" to the outfit hahaha.Want to wrap summer the same way ? Check outfit details down below!Don't forget to leave your beautiful comments :) Have a phenomenal weekend!! Bucandy loves you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey luvies it's been a while ! Have been writing series of test and exams ,the good news is have succeeded in coming out in flying colors thanks to Almighty God who has seen me through to this level of extent ! Have been MIA on my blog , but active on Facebook and Instagram ! If their was something have  been craving about , is this particular sleek midi skirt and thanks to"VICIFASHION" who gave me that opportunity to style it as their promotional model ! I would include her contact down below in case you want to purchase one cos it's a must have for the season . I decided to involve the neon skirt with an easy black top , pairing it with that stiletto pumps I got from Primark two years ago :) the leopard print detail on the heels gives me life each time I wear them hahaha .Moreover am back to my simple hair style "the bun" it's detachable and effortless got it last fall in an outlet store in London (Peckam) but you could actually check UNIWIG or eBay they should have a replica . See you next time . Have a Phenomenal week . Bucandy loves ya' !!

Saturday, May 10, 2014


 Hello luvies !! been a while :) I have been seriously busy with finals , so I decided to give blogging a pause! Have missed blogging like seriously. Actually it's just few days to the end of the section, let me say it's my final semester in Uni!! Am getting really excited . I wore this particular outfit late last month ,have always wanted to share it with my fabulous readers, but time has not been friendly, my schedule is as tight as hell lol . Moreover am loving the transition in weather ,the long awaited Spring is finally here so I can rock 'all dem' bright colors .I decided to re-cycle my wardrobe this time around and of course I was not disappointed hahhaha I found one of my favorite pencil geometric skirts. I got it from river Island last winter collection during my vacation in Poland last year! if you have been following my blog for a while you "d remember the way I paired it with a simple black top the very first time I rocked the skirt. This time I paired with my cute orange blazer from H&M ,a simple tank top from Zara and a black Stiletto heels from Zara. What do you guys think about this particular combination? Leave your comments down below . See you next time . BXOXO!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Hey luvies it's been a while . Today's outfit is featuring a very simple but classy outfit. Basically a denim skirt and a turtleneck top. Got the skirt from an outlet store here in Lviv I don't think the brand is a popular one as it was my first time shopping with them .Actually I have been longing to have a denim skirt , in short I love anything denim :) cos' styling them usually poses no effort , In fact denim emerges as one of a few fashion pieces that is so versatile. I noticed that it elongates my figure I think its cos' it above my knee, Pairing that skirt with my turtleneck top is basically beautiful. Moreover have had that top for over 3years now and it's obviously still working lol . I decided to add that red clutch to give the outfit a statement! That neck piece was improvised from a belt that came with one of my skirts I got a while ago *lip sealed* I got that hair from ALI EXPRESS ! I got it cos' I realize it has the same curls with my favorite PRO 10 weave curls ,and I can actually remove it any time  I want cos' it's glueless :). what do you guys think about the outfit?? kindly leave your comments down below . See you next time ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hey Luvies !! Today's outfit is featuring a midi skirt I wore on Sunday and a white skater dress *lip sealed* I actually wanted to wear a white top but I didn't find any suitable one and as usual I love to improvise. Moreover the midi skirt is trending now ,am not an excepting in loving it .I actually got my Midi skirt from a midi dress ... let me break it down ,it was originally a dress so I told my designer friend to chop off the upper part and work with the remaining part for me lol ,which she obviously nailed perfectly. Her name is fibi she actually run Feebsdesign.My hair is from strands of luv , If you guys have noticed have fallen in love with curly hair for a while now and have refused to fall out of it hahahahahah .Their hair is so soft and silky. The closure makes it look better giving it a more natural look . The good news is they ship worldwide !! I would definitely insert their link down below so anyone interested could get theirs. What do you guys think about this look? Kindly leave your comment down below . Bucandy HUGS&KISSES!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hello guys!!  Today's outfit is featuring a bodycon dress I got from seduire boutique. The good news is they ship worldwide and it's affordable ;) The fabric is just awesome and stretchy, the graphic design on the dress is exquisite, enhancing any body type and making it curvier . Am so in love with dress. I decided to also pair it with my pencil skirt .I love the versatility of the dress. Moreover my metallic mirror belt always come in handy. I decided to wear it with that particular nude shoes cos' of the way it compliments the outfit . The shoe compliments every outfit I put together guess it's cos' Nude is the new black .I will insert the link to SEDUIRE BOUTIQUE  down below . See you guys next time . BXOXO :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Happy new month!! I have noticed that denim is among the fashion pieces that have stood the test of time !! It comes in various styles and am not an exception in loving it ): I got this particular denim shirt from Tally weijl ,the front slashed out detail is giving me life. The pencil skirt is from Zara and was on sales ! Anytime I get any stuff on sales am always very excited lol. The belt is already becoming my signature hahahahahha guess it's cos' of how versatile it is .Moreover it complements almost every outfit  I put together ,got it from ASOS 2 years ago,it's obviously still working for me (:  Have got more outfits to share with you guys :See you luvies next time .Bxoxo.

Monday, February 24, 2014


 Hey lovies it's been a while .. Basically this is my first post since the beginning of 2014!Happy new year!! Have been busy like seriously. Actually it's my last semester in Uni!! Back to today's outfit details its featuring a peplum dress . If you guys have noticed I really love peplums :) I guess its 'cos of it's versatility . I fell in love with this dress at first sight the cut out detail is just amazing .Ever since ,designers have gone scissors happy, slashing out fabrics and bringing forth an exquisite outcome. I love the fact that the dress is showing just the appropriate amount of skin hahhaaha . I actually got the dress on sale from an outlet store in London . I guess it's originally branded by 'Boohoo" I wore the dress few days ago ,in fact I could not wait to wear it ,I paired it with two different kind of nude shoes and three different kind of clutch purses!! I think they all compliment the dress anyway. Which is your favorite ?? Kindly comment down below . See you next time . Bucandy hugs/kisses.

Monday, December 30, 2013


 Compliments of the season to you luvies !! Guess u guys are still having maximum fun ;) Today's outfit is featuring a skater skirt I got from eBay and a chiffon shirt have got from Primark last fall, I decided to pair with that coral stilleto heels to give the outfit vibrance! A lot of people have been asking about the kind of hair am carrying.. I would insert the link and the name of the weave down below which is good news, I would also insert the link to the skirt cos' it arrived quickly. See you guys next time and have a fabulous holidays ! XOXO

Sunday, December 15, 2013


..If there is one thing have always wanted in my wardrobe is something 'TARTAN" I just love the prints and am excited I eventually got it in skirt! decided to pair it with my easy peplum top have got from Ali Express ;) The skirt is from eBay and it's not even expensive. I 'd insert both links of seller down below :) see you next time !!Have a fabulous week ;) BXOXO
 Top ; ALI EXPRESS ' http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-3-Colors-Free-Shipping-Korean-Womens-Girl-s-Sweetheart-V-neck-Puff-Sleeve-Frill-Tunic/745427220.html

SKIRT ; eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/WOMENS-LADIES-MIDI-PENCIL-PLAIN-STRIPED-BODYCON-HIGH-WAIST-TUBE-WIGGLE-SKIRT-/281126689401?pt=UK_Women_s_Skirts&var=&hash=item417474da79

Clutch ; outlet store
Platform heels ; Zara
Jewelry ' Primark

Friday, December 6, 2013


Hello guys .... sharing this particular post today cos' I realized have not shared the outfit details with you luvies. Actually am definitely sharing 2 post today cos' they have got similar thing in common the 'prints' The first outfit is featuring a printed pencil skirt I got from eBay ,the peplum top is also from eBay.If there is one thing I love right now is pairing peplum top with pencil skirt! I just love that combination. Moreover am petite,but wearing peplum enhances my curves :) The second outfit is a very simple one exhibiting a blazer ,a tiger print shirt and a pencil pant. Have got the blazer over a year now,bought it from H&M in westfield Stratford City in London ,the shirt is from Zara ,pant is from Primark,and the metallic belt holds the outfit together killin 'em lol. I hope u guys luv the outfit :) see you next time!!BXOXO
SANDALS ; Primark
CLUTCH; Primark


Thursday, December 5, 2013


If there is something am obsessed with right now is my panel pencil skirt! Hello guys , sorry have not updated you cuties in a while ... have been quite busy, I actually went on a vacation with my colleagues to Poland we had so much fun I will blog about it and share picture with you guys hopefully before the week runs out. Today's outfit is featuring a beautiful panel skirt have got from a River Island shop in Poland ! I immediately fell in love with it and I just couldn't conceive the idea of letting it go without it entering my shopping bag ! hhahaha ,I decided to pair it with that black top I got from an outlet store here in Lviv some years ago, smashing it with those pair of nude shoes from Zara Autumn collection is just wow! Less I forget am in love with my braids ;)moreover have always wanted an all black braids! what do you guys think about the outfit? leave your comments down below. Bucandy Hugs/Kisses.
 SKIRT ; River Island
Top ; outlet store here in Lviv
Shoes ; Zara
Belt ; Asos
clutch purse ; Bershka