Saturday, June 14, 2014


... The long awaited blog post is finally here which I got lot of questions about the outfit details and am so excited to share with you coolies!! The way the picture(outfit) went viral was just wow! I took the picture just after one of my major exams . I was so stressed...stopped blogging then deciding to come back with a bang! I couldn't have conceived any better idea than involving green with white and black stripes! I have done it before and it was great ... The outfit was my first feature on 'FASHION CLIMAXX" have always wanted to be featured there. Eventually I got featured fashion climaxx is an international fashion Social Network site which connects Lifestyle , fashion and Beauty.
Moreover, that skirt is a statement skirt making it a must have for the season .I got mine from ALIEXPRESS' but it's also available on CHOIES so it's easy to come by.
Actually I was a cooler,sexier,edgier version of me! The high bun(hair style) seemed to draw attention to my eyes and cheekbones adding more "chic" to the outfit hahaha.Want to wrap summer the same way ? Check outfit details down below!Don't forget to leave your beautiful comments :) Have a phenomenal weekend!! Bucandy loves you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey luvies it's been a while ! Have been writing series of test and exams ,the good news is have succeeded in coming out in flying colors thanks to Almighty God who has seen me through to this level of extent ! Have been MIA on my blog , but active on Facebook and Instagram ! If their was something have  been craving about , is this particular sleek midi skirt and thanks to"VICIFASHION" who gave me that opportunity to style it as their promotional model ! I would include her contact down below in case you want to purchase one cos it's a must have for the season . I decided to involve the neon skirt with an easy black top , pairing it with that stiletto pumps I got from Primark two years ago :) the leopard print detail on the heels gives me life each time I wear them hahaha .Moreover am back to my simple hair style "the bun" it's detachable and effortless got it last fall in an outlet store in London (Peckam) but you could actually check UNIWIG or eBay they should have a replica . See you next time . Have a Phenomenal week . Bucandy loves ya' !!