Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello fashionable luvies,how are you guys doing? today's outfit is featuring something special and colorful ,actually one of my favorite colors of the season Neon!! the outfit looks like a dress but it's not, it's a combination of a short bodycon and a low-end skirt! Low-end skirt defines a way how you could actually wear a short skirt without showing too much skin :) I decided to wear my block heel Zara shoe to give the outfit a statement! The shoe is really comfortable got it last fall ,Charlotte Olympia got same but of course more pricy :)  The outfit could pass for any kind of event,it's versatile.See you next time don't forget to click the FOLLOW button and leave your comments down below! BXOXO!

 My best picture of the shoot :)

 quote of the day ; Only great minds can afford a simple style :)
Outfit ; Pink
Shoes ;Zara
Jewellry ; Primark


  1. You look great in neon---On Color...

  2. banging shoes.. i was over the hi-low dresses cause they were here last summer but this one's hot!


  3. You look so pretty, love the look.

    Chimere Nicole

  4. I always love seeing your outfits o either AFGKI or BGKI so though to check out your blog. Your style taste is impecable and you cannot a fashion foot wrong from your mix of prints both African and 'normal' to your love of colours. Following you and look forward to more style from you. Keep up the style.