Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hey sweeties todays outfit is featuring something special as usual :) I HOPE U GUYS LOVE IT ! Got the yellow blazer sometimes last year from a store here in Ukraine but there are lots of it on Ebay tho,Got the floral shirt from a vintage store here in Ukraine ,the black pencil skirt is from ebay you will find the link down below.My cutie got me the shoes last summer :) but you can find them in Zara .I love the shoes!! The clutch purse is also from a Vintage store here in Ukraine but they also have on .I fell in love with the clutch purse from the moment I Saw it ,I actually went on window shopping with my friend when I saw it ,I just had to tell the seller I would come back for it and I did :) lol .

Quote of the day ;Fashion Fades style is Eternal
Yellow Blazer ; outlet Store
floral shirt; Vintage Store
Studded clutch Purse ;Vintage store
Platfrom Heels ;Zara
Pencil skirt; Ebay