Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hey lovelies, introducing my new va-va-voom afro hair. The hair has been giving me so much attention, due to the fact that its so big, bold and beautiful!
 Got this cutie from ebay and it's really comfortable and elegant. I felt good wearing it :)
 Got the vintage shirt from a thrift store. It's so rare, and pretty.
 The skirt is a gift from my friend, Anita. Its cute and she knows i'm passionate about skater skirts. The floral prints on the skirt is beautiful.
 The whole outfit put together is gorgeous and I love it.

 ''Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway''
''People will stare. Make it worth their while''- Harry Winston.
Outfit Details:
Hair: Afro twist puff weave
Pink shirt: thrift store
Skirt: Gift
Shoe: Ebay
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  1. I love your hair and the outfit too.xx

  2. Damn girl that fro is rocking. The prints on the skirt plus the pink shirt is mega feminine. Great look and what a bargain those heels are.


  3. Love everything.u dint leave the links for the ebay seller?

  4. Hey love ow many packs of weave on did you use